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We've changed! 

We're excited to share some fantastic news with you! raisedVT is now part of a bigger mission called raisedLIFE! While we still have the great raisedVT products you like, we are expanding across the country and our new name reflects that our raisedMOVEMENT transcends beyond the Green Mountain State. raisedLIFE is a ‘style of life’ brand, NOT a lifestyle brand. We were founded to inspire and connect people with their passion and pursuit with a focus on the outdoors. We get our inspiration from our everyday enjoyment in life, no matter what State you’re in. Our apparel is inspired by our grassroots of Vermont that carries the joy of the outdoors from Maine to California. By remembering and cherishing the roots of how you grew up, our company is committed to sharing just how proud you are of wherever you raise yourself or your family. raisedLIFE is committed to sharing the roots of how you grew up for generations to come. No matter what state you are in, raisedLIFE is a movement to inspire people to be proud of their roots and carry them on to wherever you call home.

Our Founder

Kevin Pellon founded raisedLIFE in 2016 as a movement to inspire people to be proud of their heritage and carry these values to wherever you call home. Vermont may be home to us, but I have met so many amazing people that live the raisedLIFE across the country. RaisedLIFE  was created and inspired by my upbringing from my parents and in turn, I share these same values with my two girls everyday. Our goal is to inspire others to teach values of adventure, kindness, and humility combined with living a life of adventure and exploration. It is our hope that we can help encourage the next generation to be proud of where they are from, to share our messages of positivity and live the raisedMOVEMENT!


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