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Our Promise


Although raisedLIFE is growing and expanding across the country, our headquarters remain rooted in Vermont. We work with a variety of local artists and designers across the country to create the wonderfully unique designs that are featured on our apparel that you have come to love.

Our people and team are our most valuable asset. We want to continue to grow and we are an incredibly diverse team united in the commitment to always delivering world class products. We only partner with suppliers who share our commitment to supporting the wellbeing of the planet and global community. We ensure everybody who works on raisedLIFE products, no matter their location, does so in a fair, safe, non-discriminatory and empowering workplace. It’s all part of our goal to create and supply the highest quality, most ethically sound #raisedGEAR as possible.

Our raisedMOVEMENT won’t happen fast, but it will happen the right way. We are committed to raising the bar on apparel and having the least amount of impact to the planet. 

Thank you for supporting our mission!
Kevin and the the entire raisedLIFE Team

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